Achim Kemmerling

Academic rank: 
Associate Professor
Political Economy
Doctoral School of Political Science, Public Policy and International Relations
Political Economy Research Group (PERG)
Center for European Union Research (CEUR)
Center for the Study of Imperfections in Democracies (DISC)
Diplom in Political Science - Free University Berlin
MA in International Political Economy - Warwick University
PhD in Political Science - Free University Berlin
Academic/Professional Experience and Achievements: 

Achim Kemmerling is Associate Professor of Political Economy at the Department of Public Policy, Central European University Budapest where he teaches courses on methodology, political economy and development. He has published in academic journals of various disciplines (e.g. Public Choice, JEPP, EUP, and JCMS) on issues of tax policy, social and labor market policies, and fiscal federalism. His monograph "Taxing the Working Poor" (Edward Elgar 2009) deals with the political and economic tradeoffs between redistribution and job incentives for poor workers. He has worked as a consultant to the German parliament, the German Society for Technical Cooperation (former GTZ, now GIZ) and the European Investment Bank.

His research interests are

  • Welfare State and Tax Policies
  • Theories and Methods of Political Economy
  • International Development, Poverty and Inequality

Currently he is working on issues of welfare state reforms, microcapital and the political instability of welfare states in Latin America. For further inquiries please contact him directly.

CV attachment: 
Doctoral School of Political Science, Public Policy and International Relations
Political Economy Research Group (PERG)
Academic/research topics: 
Social Policy
labor market policy
Latin America
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Projects with involvement of Achim Kemmerling


Book Chapter
Kemmerling, A., and T. Bodenstein. "Die politische Ökonomie der EU-Integration am Beispiel der Osterweiterung." In Die politische Ökonomie des EU-Entscheidungsprozesses: Modelle und Anwendungen, edited by T. Selck and T. Veen, 29-48. Wiesbaden: VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften, 2008.
Kemmerling, A.. "Die Messung von Brutto- und Nettosozialleistungen." In Ökonomische Leistungsfähigkeit Deutschlands, 150-172. Forum der Bundesstatistik , no. 44. Wiesbaden: Statist. Bundesamt, 2004.
Kemmerling, A.. "The Social Dimension of Regional Integration." In The Eastward enlargement of the Eurozone: State of the Art Report, edited by H. Jacobsen, 82-93. Ezoneplus Working Paper , no. no.2. Berlin: Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence Freie Universität Berlin, 2002.
Journal Article
Kemmerling, A., and T. Bodenstein. Ripples in a Rising Tide : Why Some EU Regions Receive More Structural Funds Than Others Do. Cambridge, Massachusetts: The Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies at Harvard University, 2008.